Year 6 News!

On Monday, a group of children from 6a and 6b went to the Apple Store in Cribbs Causeway to explore storytelling and animation.

Once we arrived, we met the staff who were going to work with us for the morning- and they couldn’t have been nicer! They explained our task- to create a storyboard for a short film about friendship. Encouraged to be as creative as possible, each group came up with very different, hugely imaginative ideas!



Each group then presented their ideas to the rest of the children. Stories about sheep-aliens, ice cream and its cone… so much imagination and creativity- and all so different!

Then the animation began… Each group had to model their characters and create scenery before taking multiple pictures, moving the models slightly, taking more pictures and so on! Each short film needed hundreds of photos, but the results were very impressive!

Once we had watched all our creations, we had lunch outside by the water feature, sitting on deck chairs in the sunshine whilst all our work was put on to Apple memory stick wrist bands- one for each of us! When we went back to the store, each child (and Mrs Waldron!) was delighted to be receive a bright orange Apple T-shirt which everyone put on over their uniform! The manager then asked everyone in the shop to give us a round of applause for all our hard work!

It was a lovely morning! Our animations are here.

If you are interested, the Apple Store is running free Summer Camp sessions during the summer holidays. You can find out more on their website:

A huge thank you to all the wonderful staff we met on our visit- and to Mrs Waldron for organising it!