Year 3/4 General Election Results

Inspired by the country’s recent events and our visit from author Tom Mclaughlin, we decided to hold our own version of the General Election.  Our very own Kyle and Alice M established their own political parties and competed with Labour and Conservative parties in 4A.  We held leader debates for Year 4 and a separate one for 3A.  The leaders and their agents wore special rosettes and canvassed voters on the playground as well as launching poster campaigns in their own time!


We split into constituencies as it is in our country and held an election by secret ballot on Thursday.  The result was hung parliament in which Kyle’s party, Old People Party, was the largest party with 10 seats short by 1.  The new Prime Minister reached out to other parties and established a coalition with Alice’s Hospital Party.  Alice became Deputy Prime Minister and they are currently working on a coalition agreement which will help older people and save our hospitals.  We will reveal more about this in our class assembly which is this Wednesday at 10.30am.  We hope you can make it!


Well done to Rhiannon (Labour) and Leah (Conservative) in 4A for taking part in the contest and we hope Mr Tucker’s questioning wasn’t too strenuous for them!

Below are some highlights of the campaign and us voting.IMG_3323 IMG_3328 IMG_3340 IMG_3341 IMG_3343 IMG_3346 IMG_3347 IMG_3349 IMG_3367