This week, we have started to read our class text, War Boy, which fits nicely with this terms topic of WW2. After reading the start of the text, we used drama to think about how we might react and feel if an incendiary bomb had come through our bedroom ceiling while we were asleep! Can you tell from these photos how we would feel?

IMG_2966[1]IMG_2962[1]IMG_2967[1]      IMG_2965[1]IMG_2970[1]


We then wrote a diary entry in role as either the boy or his mum. We made sure we included compound sentences (using and, but or so) and interesting colour adjectives.

To help us learn about WW2, we used the computers to research important events and to put them onto a time line. We also used this session to think about using the internet safely and reminded ourselves about Hector the dolphin.

In maths, we have been concentrating on place value and ordering numbers up to 1000. We have also been practising our times tables.