WOW…What a start!



Happy New Year 6b fans!

On the first day back to the New Year we were greeted with a fitness WOW day to introduce our new topic-The Circle of Life. We eagerly put on our PE kits and waited for our first session to begin.

Yoga with Mrs McArdle was first on the agenda. Surprisingly yoga was quite difficult as our bodies had to bend in ways that we didn’t know was possible! Our favourite part was the relaxation time at the end of the session. Holly said, “Whilst in yoga I found it difficult to put myself into the eagle pose.”

Our next grilling was with Mrs Waldron who took us for Tabata training. This high intensity interval training left us with racing hearts and with legs like jelly.

After lunch we visited the circuit training suite (otherwise known as 5b) where Mrs Mackay put us through our paces for circuit training. During this session we recorded our pulse rates and then compared our pulse rate after exercising. The exercises include: shuttle runs, burpees, step ups and press ups. We were shocked at how intense these exercises were and were left feeling exhausted! Melissa admired Holly’s amazing press ups, “She is the Queen of press ups!”

Our final session was Boot Camp with Corporal Partridge. For this activity we were put in to two teams and had to race each other in an obstacle course which involved racing, dodging, scrambling and pulling a 30kg weight. It was fair to say that the green team were outstanding and won every race. Unfortunately the red team had to complete 2 laps of the field for finishing last.

We all had a great day and are still feeling the effects in our legs today!