WOW! What A Lot Of Teddies!

What a great start to a new term! We had a science WOW day on Monday which started with Mrs.Chaffey summoning us to 6a for a very important message! There was a message from The Space Centre asking for our help to complete tasks about space! We did four tasks in four different Space Stations and ours was called Galaxy – of course!!     Our four tasks were to make a solar system mobile, make a sun-dial, make notes about the moon landing in 1969 and to learn about the impact of an asteroid! Niall thought it was “the best day of school”, Jess says it was “a good day to start the term”, LilyRose thinks it was “a fun way to learn information”! we shall continue to learn about space as the term goes on.

Once again 5a fans, we won more awards! It is the fourth week in a row that we have won the Star Award and we are very proud! But…we finally won Turn Up Ted too!! He looks very happy here and we have introduced him to Pudsey Bear, who also came in today for photos!

Have a lovely weekend – hope the rain stops!