Wow! Stonehenge!


Last week we went on a brilliant trip to Stonehenge. First, we looked around the museum in the new Visitor’s Centre. Jayden found that there were many axe heads made from flint on display. (Flint is one of the hardest stones.) The Stone Age people used flint spearheads to kill animals. They used the animal’s skins to make warm clothes. They also used crushed nettle fibres to make tunics too! Unbelievably they had no metal to make tools with.


After lunch, we went up to the actual Stonehenge stones which were made of Sarsen and Bluestone. The stones looked incredibly heavy and would have been very difficult to move into place. The Stone Age people must have been very clever to move them.


Later, we pretended to bury Amelia on top of a burial mound with some bronze-age jewellery.


We had a great day!