WOW Egypt here we come !

Welcome back 4a fans!

This week in 4a we have been looking at our new topic Ancient Egypt. On Thursday a lady from a travelling theatre company came in and we performed a play about being a mummy and learnt a lot about what life in Ancient Egypt was like.  We also wrote our name in hieroglyphs and went on a dig for ancient treasure. Caitlyn dug very carefully in the sand and found some artifacts. We looked at the artifacts and made guesses about what it was, how it was used and what is was made from.

In maths we have learning about adding decimals.We practised adding money as our final loop of learning in maths is about running a shop and we decided that we would need to be able to add up money! Amy said “It was hard at the start but I can do it now.”

In literacy weare still reading  Varjak Paw. The story is very interesting and we have been magping many exciting words to use in our own writing soon. Kerys said”I really like the story and want to know how it ends!”

This week we won the lunchtime award for behavior so we are all feeling very proud of ourselves! Bye for now 4a fans