World Book Day and a term of wondering!

Hello Penguin and Seal followers

This term our topic is ‘I Wonder’.

We are going to be scientists and investigators to find out new information and facts about our world.

This links very closely to our school trip to ‘@Bristol’ on the 16th March which we are so excited about!

So far we have been exploring floating and sinking as well as making and testing our own boats.  The children had a set of instructions and criteria, which they had to follow to make their boat and then test to see if their boat was successful. 

In maths we have been exploring 3D shapes and learning their names and properties, including Yr6 mathematical vocabulary such as ‘vertices’.  We also did an experiment to see which shapes rolled or didn’t roll.  The children made predictions and then used ramps to test the shapes to see if their predictions were right or wrong.

The children have been also recording their guesses at the estimation station.  They have been looking at different pots of objects and guessing how many they think are there, then they write their guesses down.  At the end of the week we get all the objects out and count them to see who made the correct estimations. 

In phonics we are now learning new digraphs and trigraphs.  We are very excited because this means we can now write more words! We also have more sight words to learn too!

Today is World Book Day and the children all came in dressed as their favourite book character.  We had a busy morning so this afternoon we are going to talk about our costumes and which books we like the best!

See you next week ! We are exploring Space so look out for some exciting learning!

DSCN1924  Sorting transport into what travels in space, air, water, land.

 DSCN1926 Challenging ourselves to complete a 100 piece puzzle

DSCN1930 Looking closely and exploring insects


P1070004 P1070005

Penguin Class making bridges in their groups, working as a team during P.E.


P1070011 P1070030

Testing our boats!


Testing 3D shapes!

P1070052 P1070053

Celebrating World Book Day!