Winners again!

IMG_1648[1]This week we were the winners of a trophy for our effort, behaviour and achievement in PE. Miss H was so pleased with us that we scored full marks for all areas that she judged. We are very proud!


We have started learning about Romans and were looking forward to meeting one on Wednesday. Mr Tucker used his time machine to bring a real live Roman to 2015 to meet us. Unfortunately, he also managed to lose him! We think the Roman has got a bit curious and wandered off. We are all keeping our eyes peeled for him. Someone did see him in Asda. We want to show him the fantastic shields and helmets that we have made. As he didn’t come to see us on Wednesday, we have spent some time researching to find the answers to some of the questions we have.

In maths, we have been looking at time. Eventually, we will be making our own Roman clock face.