Who will make the bread? I will said Penguins and Seals Class!

Hello Penguin and Seals followers

This week we have been making connections to our story ‘The Little Red Hen’.  We have been sequencing the process of bread making, role-playing in the bakery and we have even made real bread!

The children were very excited and watched as we showed them the stages of making bread. 

Mahiya said we needed “flour” and Spencer remembered we needed “water”.  Danny said “we made it go all wobbly” and Dylan said “mix it”.  Ashleigh commented “it went all sticky”.  Trinity remembered “we put it in the cupboard”.  “It got bigger” said Dexter.  Zacky said “We have to put our gloves on and put it in the oven”.

Finally the bread was made into rolls and the children got to taste it with a choice of either jam or chocolate spread. 

Spencer “yummy”

Danny “tasty”

Tommy “awesome”

Mason “mine tastes fantastic”

We are looking forward to making more delicious food in the future as cooking is so much fun!

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