What will our restaurant look like?

This week we have been exploring 2D shapes and working out which shapes our tables could be in our restaurant. We found our that if we had to seat 10 people in our restaurant we could use 2 triangles and a square shaped table. What shapes could we use if we had to seat 20 people?

DSCF5476 DSCF5477 DSCF5478 DSCF5479

This morning our classroom became a restaurant. We used our new knowledge to set it up. We had a restaurant manager and waiters. Then the restaurant inspector came and told us we could serve our food. The customers enjoyed a meal of pasta and had to select the correct coins to use to pay for their meals.

In literacy we have been finding out about Grace and her family.

We have also talked about different foods we eat at special times.

Some of our grown ups came in for open afternoon and for our phonics workshop and we blew their socks off!

Helping hands: Emily and Ethan