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What we think about being in 3a.

Welcome to our blog. We all like being in 3a and here’s why:

Leigh: I liked the book called ‘Snowflake’ which is all about the water cycle, it had great drawings too.

Oscar: Designing the cloud maker was best!

Caiden: Science is great because we made condensation happen in our cloud experiment.

Tia E: I like making predictions best.

Tia B & Ellie-May: Wet play is great because there are some great puppets and we can act out our own shows!

Maisy: I liked when we read the book called ‘the gift’ because it was a bit like a human cycle.

Theo: I like the teachers!

Cara-Jane: I’m becoming an expert at cursive (joined up) handwriting!

Marlena: I enjoyed the Claude book because it was funny.

Hannah & Gabriella: I like learning different sports in PE.

Triston & Chelsea: I like everything because 3a is soooooo cool!

Mattea: I like the Dragon Sitter stories because they’re really funny!

T-Jay: I think winning the PE trophy was great.

Leigh & Luke: I like writing & doing maths investigations.

Natalia (new girl): I like this school.