What we got up to last year…

Last year, lots of book related events took place in our school. This is a look back at just a few of them!


Tom McLaughlin came to talk to Year 4 and 5 about his new book, ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’, a very funny story about what happens when a twelve year old boy becomes Prime Minister. Also the illustrator of the story, Tom showed the children how to draw his characters as well!

Accidental PM


Peter Jay Black visited Year 5 and 6. He told them all about his exciting series, Urban Outlaws, introducing them to the characters and helping them to design their own Outlaw bunkers. 



Poet, Terry Caffrey, come to work with children from our Year 2 and 3 and children from other schools. He was very inspiring!


Steven Davies also came to work with our Year 2 and 3 children, talking about his ‘Sophie’ books and helping children from our school and others improve their writing.

                                  Sophy and camel                                                Sophy



Year 5 and 6 celebrated Harry Potter Night in style with games, snacks, quizzes…


Harry Potter night

Just before Christmas, staff acted out the story of ‘Jesus’s Christmas Party’ for parents and children.


Year 5 and 6 visited Waterstone’s in Weston to look at the books which had been nominated for their book award. Our work was displayed in their window.


Children from Year 6 formed a panel of judges for the Royal Society’s Young Peoples’ Book Prize, reviewing and voting for Science books.

Royal society

We had a Where’s Wally? Hunt with T-shirts, books and a goody bag as prizes, thanks to Waterstone’s.

Where's Wally

Reception and Year One children enjoyed Hugless Douglas stories and were given their own book.

Hugless Douglas


What will this year bring?