What lies under a tree?

photo 4a photo 3a photo 1a

During art week 3a created their own underground world. We found out what you might find underground, below a tree. (See photos) We made huge tree roots, moles, rabbits, millipedes, worms and fossils which became part of a walk through exhibition. Year 1 enjoyed sitting under the roots and pretending they were really underground!photo 2

photo 5

We also had a special visit from two baby owls and a young starling which flew around and even landed on Charley-Louise’s head but then landed on Mrs Lewis’ and made a mess!

We were treated to the first ever BPS Opera designed, written and performed by 4b without microphones. Piper said she thought it was amazing! We were all very impressed!

Next, in a very busy week, we used Publisher to produce collages of our photos that we took from our Photo Hunt Challenge. It was close but Group 1 won!