What an exciting week!

Last Friday we had 11 eggs when we left school and when we returned to school on Monday 2 yellow chicks we sat in the incubator. We looked carfully at them and the egg shells, they must have been curled up into a teeny ball inside. Over the next few days we watched some of the chicks hatch. It took some of them a very long time to tap out of their shells. They are all wet and very tired when they come out. They have a special light to keep them warm.To date we have 7 chicks. We have 4 eggs left which may still hatch.

P1040403 P1040637

P1040467 - Copy P1040462 - Copy P1040523 P1040501 P1040444 - Copy We had a wonderful day on Wednesday, sports day. The children all did their best. A big well done to all the children and to Luke’s mum for winning the mum’s race and Mrs Wyatt for winning the teachers race.

Don’t forget our zoo trip in next Wednesday.