What an amazing art week in nursery

This week in nursery we have been taking part in lots of different art activities.

We had a whole class music lesson and learnt how to tap to the beat. Miss Ledbury played music from a group called The Beatles. We used our instruments and watched a conductor to know when to stop.


We watched a story telling show about Mowgli the jungle boy. The teachers were very proud of our behaviour.

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We have been painting pebbles very carefully. Next week you will be able to take them home whilst making a donation to help our sponsered friend Philamon from Kenya.


We made pizza and tasted it. “Pizzas had ham and cheese”, said Mia.

“It had popcorn on it”, siad Aimee. I think she means sweetcorn.

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We had a story square day and made up our own stories and acted them out. Callum told a story about a bike and Tygan told a story about fish. It was a really good day.


We also sang, danced to pop music and learnt about a famous artist called Claude Monet. “He has a beard”, recalled Morgon.

” He like to paint gardens and I like the one with the bridge”, explains Dylan.

The nursery art project was a huge fish mosaic made from recycled bottle tops. Thank you to all the children and parents who collected them for us. The fish is now displayed in the library so if you have not already seen it go and have a look. Well done everyone!