What a week!

In English, we saw two pictures of our new text which is called … hmm we don’t know yet! We revised question sentences, inverted commas and apostrophes to mark omission. 

On Wednesday, we went into the hall and a visitor showed us how to do yoga.

In spellings we had a great game of bingo and lots of people won! Mrs Paddon is just hoping we are remembering all of the words!

In maths, we have been ordering and comparing numbers. Also, we played a game with a friend to see who could create the highest number when they threw the dice 3 times. Mrs Cottrell and Mrs Paddon had a game and Mrs Cottrell won.

We had challenge cards in PE and we worked on rolling accurately.

We have used the internet to start researching different religions and we all thought about how we need to use reliable sources and how to stay safe online.

Today, we went on the life bus and we saw Harold the giraffe. We learnt about parts of the body, the jobs they did and where they are located.