What a healthy week in Seals!

Hello Seals fans

We have had such a busy week in Seals class. We have been using the observation station and have discovered a seed is beginning to sprout! This caused much excitement as you can imagine.

We have been cutting our own cress to taste and we think it tastes delicious…..because we grew it.

We have been thinking about healthy foods again and this week we made our own sandwiches. We chose the fillings we wanted from a selection.

“I like healthy sandwiches”, says Dylan.

“I told my mum to buy cucumber because I liked it when I had it at school”, explains Brooke.


Marley used the knife to spread the butter.




Hmm they tasted very good…

Seth recalled in phonics we have learnt some new sounds ‘ure’ and ‘er’.

In maths we have been practising our number bonds and have learnt a new number bond song. Why don’t you ask your child to sing it to you.

Have a lovely weekend and look out for more news next week.