What a creative bunch we are!

“DT week has been great!”

We have been extremely busy in 4a this week. We have spent a lot of time planning, designing, making and evaluating our products over the week. We have made kites ready for Chinese New Year next week and we also spent some time making Roman clay pots ready for the great art show.

We spent a lot of time looking at kites, thinking about how they are made and the different parts that make up a kite, designing our own kites, exploring and selecting different materials, constructing our kites then testing them. Unfortunately, some of the kites fell apart when we tested them but we were happy enough to evaluate them, think about what went wrong and then edit our products to see if we could make them all fly.

Here are some photographs of us during the week:


Chloe flying Mr Tucker’s kite


We loved flying kites on the field.


Up, up and away!


Such fun!


Kyle showing off his frame and skin.


We have all been so inventive. We are REALLY proud!


Yannis testing his kite. Hip, hip, horray!!!!


So much concentration.


Alishya decorating her Roman pot.