What a busy first week back!

In Varjak Paw, we have got to the part where Varjak has hunted for the first time. The stray cat that we mentioned in our last blog post is called Holly. We met other cats too. Holly has been trying to make Tam jump by saying the name; Sally Bones!

In English we have started the new part of our learning journey on newspapers. We looked at alliteration. This is Rosie’s example of a great piece of alliteration: violent volcano. We used the alliteration to create some fantastic headlines about different pictures and scenarios.

Razor, Sally Bones, Holly and Tam (the street cats) visited us and we asked them a load of questions.

We have a new high score for better reading. The new time is 21minutes and 37seconds!

In maths we have finished learning about time and have moved on to looking at length. We have estimated lengths, measured objects in the classroom and converted between cm, mm, m and km.

In class, we have had a lot of success with our bonds to badges and our reading. Lots of us have moved up!