Wet, wet, wet!

Hello 4a fans!

This week in literacy we have been writing a discussion text. We thought about reasons that the tribe should take or leave Chimwala. (She is a character form the Village that Vanished)  Some of us used templates and some wrote straight into our books. Charlie said “I think they should leave Chimwala becasue she will die anyway!”

This week in maths we have been learning about solving problems which have many different answers. We had to look for patterns in our answers and follow the rules of the problems. We managed to solve some of the problems but, at first it was quite hard, after practising we got the hang of it. A top tip for solving a problem is read it carefully and check your answer at the end to make sure no rules are broken!

In science we have been using magnifying glasses to investigate  plants roots. We looked to see if the roots would grow back if they were chopped off! In the week we finished out plant experiments and we found out our results.

In art this week some children started to mod rock our art installation for arts week. The other children painted pictures of flowers in an abstract style. Katie said “The paintings were very colourful.” Lilyrose won a merit mark for her fab painting.

In PE we have been playing benchball and dodgeball. “We like dodgeball becasue it is very fun” said Caitlyn.

On Thursday we went to Tyntesfiled and we were learning about different plants. In the garden there was a Victorian mansion (but we didn’t go in) We looked at lots of different plants, trees and gardens. The weather was terrible and we got soaked but it was still fun! We had to solve hypothesis like real scientists. Some trees came from different countries and some were British trees. We saw goosegrass, red campion, bluebells, bugle, wood speedwell and smelt wild garlic! We used quadrants and flower identity forms to help us. Megan was very excited by the trees that looked like mushrooms!

Have a good half term 4a fans!SAM_1222