We’re back!

Hi 4B/ Echo fans.  We have had a few technical difficulties with the blog for the last few weeks but we are back!  Here’s our opera news:

This week, we learned to use the lighting system in the large hall and we hired some equipment to practise lighting the opera.  One group managed to successfully illuminate the moment when there’s an exciting clash of characters in the opera.  They used very bright lanterns, fading them for effect!  They even changed the colours using something called a gobo.  The effect was truly magical!  We are in this week’s Mercury so make sure you buy a copy to read all about it!  The official Echo Opera Comany t shirt was revealed this week and we will all be getting one to wear when we are starting to stage the opera.  We are all going to busy writing our job application letters over the half term holiday so that we get the job in the company we want.  Next term, we start to write the libretto (little book in Italian) which means the words to all the songs in the show.  After this, we will be composing and we can’t wait for that!


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