Welcome to seals’ and Penguins’ blog.

welcome everyone

Thank you for checking out our blog page. This is where we keep you updated on events and activities in the Reception classes. 

We are so pleased with how well the children have settled in, we hope you are too!

This  week we introduced the children to the mud kitchen and they are all excited about using this area with their friends.

In maths this week we have been practising recognising our numbers 1-10 and having a go at ordering them. 

In phonics the children have been listening to the teacher  orally blending sounds such as p e n and the children say pen! 

We have also been developing our listening skills on the carpet.

Socially the children have been learning to get along with each other, taking turns and making all our friends feel better.

we will hopefully catch up with you all next week at parents evening. Don’t forget to bring in your tapestry permission slips.

bye for now

the reception team