Welcome back to 3b’s news

We have moved onto digital time in maths.

Because we enjoyed Varjak Paw so much, we have started The Outlaw Varjak Paw as our class reader. We have also started a new text, The Pebble in my Pocket, for English. We have written in role. First, we did some drama to think about what we would have seen, felt and heard in prehistoric times. We then wrote as either a dinosaur, a tree, a flower, a beetle, a little terrified mammal, a river or a pebble. We have also visualised, from the text, the image of a volcano which we sketched and annotated with the word that were most helpful in building the image in our minds. Then, in art, we chose how we would like to produce our sketches in colour. We had a choice of  paint, crayon, pencils, pastels, fabric and paper. Here is some of our artwork.

DSCF2872[1] DSCF2873[1] DSCF2874[1] DSCF2875[1] DSCF2876[1] DSCF2877[1] DSCF2879[1]

Amelia, as a member of the school council, went to London on Wednesday to visit the houses of Parliament and was lucky enough to get to have a go on the London Eye.

In science, we sorted some images using our own classification criteria and then we talked about producers, predators and prey and resorted into those groups.

In PE we have started to learn how to fence. We all really enjoy it!