Welcome back Nursery

We cannot believe that we are in term 5 already, where has the time gone? The nursery staff are sure that the children have all grown taller over the holidays and they are catching up to Miss Ledbury!

It is so nice to see the children quickly settling back into the nursery routines. This week we have been writing and drawing pictures of what we did in the holidays.

We have introduced the children to the new topic “Water” and as a starting point for our learning journey the children have been telling us what they already know.

Mia said, “Water, you wash the cups and the plates then you dry them”.

Kaiden explained, “We plant some carrots then we water them and then they grow”.

Alfie remembered, ” It goes in a swimming pool”

Crystal told us, “I have a bath with water in it”.

“Water is in the toilet”, said Zaivia.

Morgan stated that, “A fish pond has water in it”.

Grace explained, “We have to wash our hands in it”.

Brooke said. “We don’t drink dirty water cus it’s dirty and we would have bad tummies”.

Wow! We already know so much about water.

Look out for more updates next week when we will be learning all about fish.