Welcome back!

This week we have been busy learning our new letter sounds in phonics.

“a” said Alfie, “s” said Kaitlyn, “t” said Dawid, “p” said Emma.

In music the children really enjoyed playing different instruments and Mrs Cherry used her ‘Mr Clown’ pop up puppet to stop and start.  The children’s favourite instrument was the cymbals.

We have also started P.E.  We enjoyed going to the small hall and we moved on different parts of our body.  “Hopping and skipping” said Honey.  “We were jumping” said Amanda.  “Running” said Emma.

We also learnt about the firework code.  Ellie-Mae said “You have to hold the fireworks (sparklers) out away from you”.  “Alannah said “sparklers have to go in a bucket of water”.  We made firework art using lots of different media.

Next week we look forward to Miss Lee bringing in her Chinese tea for us to taste and some other things from her culture.  It is also children in need so we will be busy making masks for the superhero theme.