Welcome Back 4a Fans!

Welcome back!

We all hope you had a lovely half term and your brains are now switched on and ready to learn!

We have had a busy first week back in 4a. We continued an interesting science investigation that we started before half term – it involved us shaking trees, turning over logs and looking in pitfall traps. We discovered some interesting insects and animals. We even found a few toads hiding under logs!

We have also moved forwards in our maths this week. We have spent a lot of time exploring multiplication and different times tables. We have found lots of patterns by exploring the tables and even got the chance to play with play dough and straws! This helped up to investigate the 2 and 3 times tables and made it really fun and interesting! To help us learn some of these times tables, we have sang some catchy songs including one about camels.

We love singing in 4a! We have practised singing at any free moment as we are perfecting songs ready for Raise the Roof. We are going to be fantastic. As well as singing, we had some visitors this week. The Aspire Band for North Somerset Music Service visited us and we had the chance to listen to them play lots of different instruments. In the final song, they managed to play 18 different instruments in 2 minutes! It was amazing!

Miss Edwards was very proud of us on a number of occasions this week. On Friday, Tara and Tyler Monk were awarded their Bronze Merit Mark certificates and earlier in the week, we perfected our story map and were able to perform it to 4B. We were nervous at the time but when we did it and got it right we were so pleased!