Welcome Back 4a fans!

Welcome back. We hope you all had a lovely Christmas! 4a have had a good week and have come back to school raring to go and ready to learn.

We were excited to hear that we were expecting a visitor on Wednesday and spent all day Tuesday preparing for his arrival but when Wednesday came we were given some terrible news. Mr Tucker had somehow managed to loose our visitor and there is now a Roman Soldier wandering around Weston possible very confused and lost. If you happen to see him, PLEASE let us know! We are very worried about him and would like to find him soon!

However, we had to stop worrying too much as we knew we had work to be getting on with. This included learning the grid method of multiplication. It was quite tricky but we all tried really hard and  agreed that we will master it with plenty of practise!

We also re-read the legend – The Gurt Wurm of Somerset and have began to plan our own winter legends. Some of us have decided to write about evil snowmen, hairy Yetis and there is even an enormous ice monster! We are looking forward to writing these legends and proving to Miss Edwards how fantastic our writing is!

Have a good weekend 4a fans!