Welcome back 3b followers!

At the beginning of the week, we finished a science investigation that we started before the holiday. We wanted to find out what animals lived in different areas of the school grounds. We checked the pond, under logs, in a tree and set pitfall traps in grassed areas. Magnifying glasses and information sheets were used  to identify the animals. Some of us didn’t like the look of what we found in the pond!

In maths, we have been learning how to do written column addition. It’s fast and efficient and Mrs Paddon is impressed with how good we all are at it. We will also need to learn subtraction so that we can budget and plan a class party.

The threat of having some pleasant areas in Weston-Super-Mare built on has made us determined to be able to write and speak persuasively. In English, we are analysing a good text example so that we can plan our own speeches to try to prevent these areas being used. We have also used grid references to locate these areas, and some brown sites, on a map in geography. We hope this will give us useful information, about what is near the sites, to strengthen our argument.