Weekly blog 1B

wow, what an exhausting week it’s been.  The children have worked tremendously hard to make sure that the Babushka performance was a huge success. Everyone who took part should be very proud of themselves as we have received many lovely reviews. The script for the show was a challenge but all the children enjoyed the story so much that we had to persevere with it. Many thanks to the PTA who helped contribute to the buying of a new set of head mics so the stars of the show could be heard. 

Now that the performance is done, we can really begin to enjoy the build up to the holidays. In the next week we will create many Christmas crafts including cards, hats and decorations. We may even find them to sneak some biscuit making into the final week!

the final week of term is looking like it is going to be as busy as always with special appearances from some published authors on Wednesday and then Christmas dinner and jumper day on Thursday. 

In amongst the Babushka madness, we have also introduced the idea of Daily 5 to the class. This is a format which encourages children to read well and to develop their reading stamina. In class we have discussed rules in which to follow when reading and also thought about places we find comfortable to read in. Below you can see a picture of some of the children reading quietly. 

Before we go, I would like to thank you I advance for the support of the Christmas fair on Friday afternoon. I’m sure the children had a good time as they were very excited about it.