We Went Wild In The Woods!

On Tuesday, we made the journey to Westonbirt Arboretum in Gloucestershire as we are learning about green plants in science.
We wanted to ask questions like:
1. What are plant’s roots for?
2. Why do plants have leaves?
3. What do plants need for survival?
4. What does a flower have to do with fruits and seeds?

We didn’t find all the answers but we will research and investigate to find them!
There were so many trees there of all different types and lots of them were enormous! Some of the trunks were soft and spongy whilst others were hard and brittle. There were also various sculptures made out of wood – we could sit on some of them!
It was a lovely day and the people were really friendly and helpful.

Have a good weekend and we hope the sun keeps shining!


Once again, we are really sorry but we can’t get onto the link to add our lovely photos to share with you! We will keep trying!