We Met The Flintstones!

On Wednesday, 4th May, Year Four went on a trip back in time, to Stonehenge. We went there because we are learning about the Stone Age and about how the Earth began. We had a wonderful day and enjoyed seeing the amazing stones with our own eyes. Here are some of the facts we learned.
Did you know…
that Sarcen stone comes from sand from under the sea? Charlotte
that it took at least 100 strong people to move the stones from Wales to their present site? Chloe
that Stone Age people were actually very smart? Kallie
that bluestone is a type of rock used in Stonehenge? Isobel
that Stone Age people were buried with things to help them in the After Life? Logan I and Charli
that the stones were built in a way that lined up with the sun? Logan T

We thought it was fantastic and learned lots of new things. We hope to go again one day
See you soon