We Have Our “Eye” On The London Sky!!

WOW!! We could not believe our eyes! There we were, travelling along on a luxury, double-decker coach, when, there it was…the EYE!!  We knew it would look high but it was huge!! The pods looked massive but they did look safe and they didn’t seem to be blowing about in the wind!

Starving, we all rushed over to The Park Plaza Hotel, who had very kindly offered their staff canteen for us to shelter in. It was posh, brilliant, smart, fancy, sumptuous and we were very lucky to go there. They gave us chips and sauce and delicious cup-cakes! A huge thank you to them!

As we returned to the Eye, we felt nervous, overwhelmed, scared and dizzy, but we needn’t have worried! It was like we were floating on clouds(Paige), spectacular (Theo), like flying(Tayler) and a fantastic experience (Owen). The tour guides were  amazing and it was really special to be able to look down on London and The Thames.

The final extravaganza on our list of things to do was the river cruise. It was calm and peaceful (Dionne),  exquisite ( Nikita) and a great way to end our day!

We enjoyed the trip and would all love to go back some day!