We have been busy making…

Hello Penguin followers

This week we have been busy making funny face bisuits for Red Nose Day.  We have also been dressing up in odd clothes to raise money for Comic Relief.  We love being silly!!



We have also been making and tasting healthy sandwiches.  Warren said “I had cheese in it”, “I put ham in it” said Ruby, “We used a knife to cut our sandwich” said Jake.

We even tasted the cress that we had grown.  “It was yummy” said Emma.



Warren and Ruby have been practising their knife and fork skills at the finger gym!


Albert and Gabe decided to write some cards for Reece’s friend.  They were very interested in the non-fiction spider books.  “spiders” said Albert about his picture.

 In maths we have been learning about subtraction.  “Taking away” said Alfie.  “Subtracting” said Lillie.

In phonics we have nearly finished learning all our phase 3 sounds and sight words.  We applied our phonics to write Mothers Day cards.  Mrs Wyatt and Mrs Cherry were very impressed and proud of the children’s writing.  There has been lots of improvement!!!