We have been busy building !

Hello Penguin followers

This week we have been busy drawing our own construction designs and plans, we then used the bricks and the logs to build our models.

Alfie made the Tower of London.

Dawid made “a big tower”

Lillie made a “square house”

Amanda made “the three little pigs houses”

The children have also been learning the story of “The Three Little Pigs” with actions.  They have also been listening to different versions of the story, they especially like “Big Bad Pig”.

Ask your child to tell you the story with the actions.

This week it has also been “Kindness Week”.  We have a kindness box and everytime the children are kind to someone they put a shiny token into the box.  We are going to assembly today to see if we are the class with the most tokens.  We think we are very kind and look after each other in Penguins class.

Darren said “I have been playing with Alfie”

Isla said “I’ve been kind to Shyanna”

Crystal ” I said to Mrs Wyatt the other day I love you”

Reece ” “I played with Kaiden”

Zaivia said “Isla hugged me”

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