We certainly have been busy!

We have continued learning about the Romans over the past two weeks and we were lucky enough to go to Carleon to visit a Roman museum, see some Roman remains and learn more about them.

Here are some photographs from our trip.

image image image image image


We we also completed a history challenge, in teams, to build a Roman town. We worked hard together but have decided we need to listen carefully to instructions and work with children that we can be sensible with.

image image


We have also finally finished our legends! We are now going to publish them in class to create a class book of winter legends. I was a rat is our new book in English. We have read a little bit of it and have found out lots about the main character Roger. Was he really a rat? We hope to find out soon!

Not only have we started something new in English, we have started a new journey in maths. We are now looking at fractions and have realised we can use objects to help us out. Here are some photos of us working out fractions of amounts.

image image image

PE has been interesting these past two weeks. We have started a new game that involves teamwork and it has helped us in the classroom as well as in PE lessons. We hope the continue to improve our teamwork then maybe we will win the trophy again!

Final congratulations this week is for Jackson who received his tenth merit mark meaning he was awarded his bronze certificate! Well done Jackson!