We Can Present!

We have had a work-filled week this week! Lots of history work on the Anglo Saxons, more reading of Beowulf, writing Kennings, calculating area and perimeter in maths and focussing on friendships as it was Anti-Bullying week.

As we were struggling to remember the formula for calculating area, we performed our own raps – some of them were very inventive!!

We wrote Kennings about the Anglo Saxons and Beowulf – that is a type of Anglo Saxon poetry, with two words and often with a noun and a verb. Here is an example of one we wrote.
Beowulf is a:
Grendel slayer
Heroic killer
Bone crusher
Brain Squeezer
Armour carrier
Enemy destroyer

We also had to research an aspect of Anglo Saxon life to present – creatively – to the rest of the class. Some of us were journalists, TV presenters and time-travellers! We enjoyed it and Mrs. Charles thinks that lots of us should have a career in TV!

Have a great weekend and wrap up warm!