We are the champions!


Wow! This week we won the lunchtime behaviour award, the attendance award and the PE award. Here is Turn-up Ted holding our trophy.


For history, we have written about Claudius. We were also Celtic spies and we had to spy on a Roman soldier. Our aim was to see how strong the army was. To do this, we had to go back to our team and draw our observations. We then captured the soldier and asked questions that our group of spies thought would give us lots of information. Here we are spying!img_4383img_4382img_4384img_4385

We have practised our handwriting while publishing our descriptive writing.

In maths, we have been doing calculations in our head but writing down how we solved them using partitioning. 

We have been reading more of the Roman Quest and are really enjoying it.

In RE, we have thought about our qualities and what makes us special and unique.