We are poets and we know it!

This week we have worked hard to write and learn a rhyming poem. First we looked at different rhyming patterns and then, in groups, we  wrote a verse with the pattern ABABCC. We put them together to create a class poem.

Here it is:

The Rain Forest

The shiny, mojito green frog bounces quietly around the sweltering forest.

Cherry blush flowers gleam in the dazzling, golden sun like a bride’s bouquet.

Soft as emerald grass, sapphire, jade and cream butterflies, like angels from heaven, hover in the mist.

Summer season green lizard is crouching in the tree like a cat stalking its prey.

Red and green parrots zooming gracefully like racing cars in the blue skies.

Collecting nectar from flowers, blue, shiny rambling bugs and whooshing butterflies.


Lime green snake slithered around the branch like a coiled spring.

Spotted leopard poised to pounce on the fairy dust glittering fish.

Colourful, bright parrots with sharp beaks sing.

Monkeys munching on leaves and give their tails a swish.

A camouflaged blue frog was as quiet as a butterfly.

A bluebird was flying high in the sky.


A chocolate chip and white monkey lying on a long log.

An easy peesy green snake is strangling a branch.

Huge, scary leopard descending the damaged willow tree into the bog.

Orange fizz leopard running down the cholate log like an avalanche.

Hiding in the pixie, green grass, a honey white monkey… so cute!

Rich black parrots, singing like a flute.

In the humid green forest, a tiger is ready to pounce and leap.

The dazzling brown and green trees are shining in the sun.

A snake slithered down from a tree that was steep.

Frogs jumping in and out of the sparkling water having fun.

Parrots squawking loudly piercing the sky and showing off their plumes.

Flowers smelling sweetly like ladies’ beautiful perfumes.


The milk white monkey is running through the pixel green grass.

Parrots are cherry lush and sleeping in the pea green tree.

Gold and black cheetah climbing… it looks such a task!

The leopard is sneakily and quickly zooming like a car, wild and free.

Crocking tree frog that’s black and pillar red.

Cheeky monkey watching and scratching its head.


Today, we got together with 3a, 4a and 4b to perform our poem. We were able to recite from memory and with actions. Here are some photos:


This week, we won the PE trophy and the didi cars. We have been learning to tell the time and can now do 24hr times. Also, Alicia and Keaghan achieved their silver times table award and Brandon earned his bronze. In PE we did archery which we enjoyed. In science, we have carried on learning about rocks. We looked  closely to classify and have been learning about metamorphic, igneous and sedimentary rocks. Lauren brought in a collection of rocks to share with the class and let us do sketches of them.