Storytelling, reading and life cycles!

Hello Penguin followers 🐧

We always try really hard to be independent learners.

This week during ‘Daily 5’ we managed to increase our reading stamina to 5mins. Practice makes perfect!! 

Other learning we have enjoyed this week has been learning about life-cycles and visiting the new pond area. We have some tadpoles in class which the children are enjoying observing and talking about. This week we will be starting a tadpole diary! 

The children have drawn some fantastic story maps this week and have done some fabulous retell of ‘The Little Red Hen’. The children are using excellent story language and have been developing their ability to listen to stories without pictures and props, listening to the chapter book ‘The BFG’. 

Year one came to visit us on Thursday to learn how to story square. We  acted out our own class stories and then acted out the year one stories. Some of year one had a go at being in the story square too! We have now swapped class story books to read and act out. We are looking forward to visiting year one next week, to watch them have a go at doing some story squares!  

Watch out for more posts, as I have heard a giant is lurking around !!