Voyage into the Unknown

We started our new term and new topic with a visit from a real explorer. Ash Dykes came to see us and he told us how, at the age of 17, he decided that he wanted to be an explorer. He worked hard and saved up his money so that he could start his travels.  He was away for 5 years and this included an amazing solo walk across Mongolia.  He was the first person to do this.  He showed us some films and some of the equipment that he took with him.  Some of us even had a chance to put it on!  He also told us about his new adventure, which will be to walk across Madagasca. We will be able to follow his blogs in September. Finally, he gave us an exciting challenge – we have to find out about two famous explorers, Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong, and make a film about our learning to show Ash.  Working with 2b, 1a and 1b we can cetainly do this!