Victorian day in 2a

This term we have begun our new topic about Victorians and last Friday some visitors came to help us learn about what life was like in Victorian times. We dressed up as Victorian children and a Victorian teacher showed us what it was like in a Victorian classroom. We wrote with real ink and fountain pens, did some reading aloud  from a book, and had to recite our times tables.
We played Victorian games such as pick-up-sticks, spinning top, jacks, chinese chequers and cup and ball.
Then we learnt how Victorians got their water from a well, did their washing on Mondays with some strange smelling soap and then used a mangle to squeeze all the water out.
Finally we made our own victorian toys – cup and ball, thaumatrope and cardboard dolls and clothes.
We really enjoyed our Victorian day and we had lots of fun. We all think we will remember everything we have learnt about the Victorians which will be useful when working on our topic for the rest of this term.

Here are some pictures of our Victorian classroom.