Two for the price of one!

Firstly, an apology from Mrs Paddon who forgot to post our news last week! This is what we had asked her to tell you:

We have been working on column addition and are gradually becoming good at it. 

In science, we have been carrying out science investigations about electrical circuits. To start this, we thought about how electricity was instantaneous when you closed a circuit, by turning on a switch for example, and we used our selves to model it.  We joined hands and made JK buzz!

In English, we have started writing our memoirs from our time in WW2. We have made a plan of the events that we are going to write about.

We had a very exciting visit from an author, Claire Barker, who told us about her book, Knitbone Pepper Ghost Dog. It was very interesting and, if we had bought the book, we were able to get it signed.

On Friday, we dressed up as book characters. Here are some photos of the week. (Keep reading as this weeks news will follow after the photos!)

We also voted for our Eco Warriors this week. Joel and Julia were the well deserved winners.



This week has been another exciting one.

We have moved onto column subtraction in maths and know that we can use the inverse operation (addition) to check our answers.

In French, we are still practising greetings.

On Wednesday, we had a visitor who is an eye witness from WW2. We were able to interview her and later wrote a report about what we had learned.

Today, we had an open morning. Thank you to all the parents that were able to join us. We enjoyed spending time with you and we appreciated your help. During the morning, we used teabags to make paper look old.  We also wrote a letter in role as someone alive during WW2. We are going to write these up in best on our ‘old’ paper. We tried to make fruit batteries but we weren’t very successful. As we are good scientist, we have discussed what we would change next time.