Turn-Up Ted’s Summer Diary Part 5!

The 22nd August 1485 was the date of one of the most significant battles in English history. Richard III was defeated by Henry Tudor and the course of our history changed. Over the past few years, there has been a lot of interest in Richard III as his skeleton was recently found, buried under a car park in the city of Leicester. 



 On the anniversary, Ted decided to visit the visitor’s centre, Richard’s grave in Leicester Cathedral and the site of the battle- Bosworth Field.

DSC_0037 (2)



On Tuesday, Ted set off to Oxford to go to The Story Museum. He has been there before to look at the exhibitions, but this time, he went to hear the poet, John Foster perform some of his poems. 


Ted also visited Blackwell’s- one of Mrs Wilsher’s favourite bookshops! It’s much bigger than it looks in the photo!


Although it was very hot on Wednesday, Ted headed up to London. He went to see various exhibitions of illustrators work- Shirley Hughes, Quentin Blake and Christina Balit.


He went to the ‘Treasures of the British Museum’ exhibition as well where he saw letters written by Elizabeth I, song lyrics written by the Beatles, books written by Dickens…

Ted also followed part of the BFG’s Dream  Jar trail. His favourite was the one in Trafalgar Square by the British Olympic Squad.


In Foyles (another of Mrs Wilsher’s favourite bookshops!), he met Hugless Douglas!


Ted then took the Eurostar to Brussels. He had a quick coffee at St Pancras before catching the train.



Once in Lille (France), Ted hopped off the train and did a little sight-seeing before heading off again.



Back on the train again, Ted’s next stop was Brussels (Belgium) where he was catching the train to Cologne in Germany. He stopped for a drink of apple juice before catching the train on-wards.




It was hot and sunny when Ted arrived in Cologne which is is north west Germany, near Bonn, the old capital. 


Exhausted after his travels, he went to his hotel and had an early night.


He had a couple of lovely days looking around Cologne. The cathedral was particularly impressive.


Another lovely week with lots of sunshine and things to do!