This weeks eggtastic activities!!

This week we sadly said goodbye to our chickens. Farmer Nick came and collected them to take them back to the farm.

Throughout the week the children have been looking at eggs!
They explored the eggs and how to crack them and used amazing descriptive language, sharing their ideas with their peers. Some children threw the eggs, some squished them and others cracked them on the rim of the bowl.
Later in the day at Snack time the children were given the chance to try scrambled eggs.

On Friday the children were all given the challenge to look after a boiled egg and keep it safe. Once they had been given their egg the children had to decide what to do with it; some children carried it in their hands and other choose to put it in something for safe keeping using a range of materials including egg cases, bowls, shredded paper, cups, tubs with lids and bags. We were super proud of how amazing they were at caring for their eggs.