There is something fishy going on in nursery….

The nursery children are investigating a water topic this term and this week is fish week. We have been watching video clips of fish and listening to a story about a fish that travels to the see after going down the toilet!

Miss Ledbury brought in a whole mackerel which was dead so the children could draw it by looking at it up close.

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It’s really smelly isn’t it?, said Grace.

“Is it really really dead?”, asked Dylan.

“How did it die?”, inquired Kaiden. We then had a long chat about the fact that fish need to be in water to breathe. Some believed if the fish was placed fish back in the water it would be ok but alas that was not the case. We were able to touch the fish and look closely at its fins and tail.

We also got tasted sardines on toast….some of us really liked it and a few of us thought it was yukky!

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Enjoy the bank holiday weekend. Look out for more nursery news next week.