Theo’s Day With The Mayor

Ever Forward

 Ever forward! That’s the town motto that means never look back at bad things. On the 2nd of October 2014 Mrs Board and I had the honour to meet Mister Mayor of Weston-Super-Mare. We got to know her a bit and are now aloud to call her Ros Willis. Now in more detail I will tell you about the day.

At first got picked up at 10 O clock in a Mercedes-Benz AMG. When we got to Grove House we saw the collection of sliver in a glass cabernet. The Mayor was a bit late but we were fine with that. We waited respectfully we had a nice giggle with her,  I had a picture in her chair norty me.

Then we went to the High Sheriff of North Somerset’s house for lunch we met a lot of posh people that were friends of his, there were small starters that were cute but tasty then we went in a big gazebo for proper food. There was: gammon, rare beef, tomatoes and salad. For puddings there were: brownies with raspberries, cheese and crackers and grapes. The speeches were coming up and I asked if I could say one he said yes it quoted” I will take this time to say thank you to the sheriff and mister mayor for inviting me to this wonderful day that I have enjoyed and lived it to the fullest thank you”   I got a standing ovation from everyone there. People said how great my speech was and they need a new speech writer that they were thinking about me. How great me a speech writer at ten years of age!

I loved that day so much I would live it again but no it would not be the same. Remember life live the fullest because it wouldn’t be there again.

Thanks for reading.

Sighed Theo Pundsack