The Roman was found!

Great news, the Roman was found and visited us on Wednesday. We learnt lots about what it was like in the army as we were put through our paces! We daren’t disobey the Roman as you could get yourself, and others, punished for that. We ended the day with a battle where some of us were Celts and the others were Romans. Mr Tucker was a fierce leader for the celts!

Here are some photos of our day…

Practising our 'Tortoise' formation for the battle

Practising our ‘Tortoise’ formation for the battle








DSCF6050 (2)


In maths we are learning how to tell the time. It’s not easy as there are different ways to say the same time. We will get there though. Perhaps you could help by regularly asking us the time.

We are writing a legend where a monster will be defeated. We will finish those next week. When they are all written up in our best writing, we will be putting them into a class book of legends.

That’s all for now!