The latest in 5b

After the fun of last week, World Book Week, we have gone back to hard work. We have been doing; decimals, precis’ and the highlights of the week were meeting an artist, playing wheelchair basketball and going to Hans Price. In decimals, we have been investigating making the lowest sum possible using 0 1 2 3 4 5 8 and 9 in written addition and subtraction. On Tuesday, 5b started making precis’ (summary) of chapter 11 in Wolf Brother. A precis is several sentences that sum up a book or chapter -like a blurb. Also, an artist called Mary visited us to do some fantastic art using natural materials from around the world. What we created was; mud jigsaw pieces, a sketch of a certain rock and some of them were green/ grey, limestone with pink/purple, algae. After lunch on Wednesday, we played wheelchair basketball. Wheelchair basketball is basketball but in wheelchairs. Surprisingly, each wheelchair cost £1000 and they came to a total of £15,000. Yesterday, 5b and 5a walked to Hans Price for a surprise dance show. We were so lucky to be allowed to watch it. It was actually a dress rehearsal for their friends and family but it was still the best it could be.