The last final week!

This week has been jam packed! We have had visitors in, been out on a visit and managed to fit in a lot of learning.

On Monday, we were visited by a group called The Barnacle Buoys. They performed some seashanties to us and we were able to sing along to the catchy tunes. Not sure what a seashantie is? Ask us because we know!

On Wednesday morning we went on a visit to Hans Price to watch their show. It was great! We had a good old sing along to lots of Queen songs and were impressed with their talent.

We have continued reading Stig but Miss Edwards has let us do the reading which has ben great. We have all been willing to read to our friends and it has helped us to become more confident readers. In Maths, we completed a fun investigation. We had to think about how we could arrange cubes and use a systematic approach to complete the challenge. We did get stuck but we worked through it as a class and came out smiling. When Miss Edwards told us to stop we didn’t want to because we were enjoying it so much!

Have a lovely weekend and see you all on Monday for the final week of Year 4!